How to pack your days beyond the dance floor

Stimulate your senses beyond the sound at West Coast Weekender 2019 with electrifying yoga, dance, workshops and more to excite your psyche.

With everything tied to the love of music, you’ll find yourself taking breaths between sets to dig through a vinyl crate, learn tips on mixing and producing, dance and flow, play with a new instrument, or attend an expert panel on all things industry.

Besides the cosmic amount of activity at the fourth year festival and conference’s new home, luxury gaming destination Viejas Casino & Resort (roller skating rink? bowling?), West Coast Weekender pumps each day with varied activities that music fans shouldn’t miss.  Reach out of your comfort zone, try something new and power the impact behind the party!

Here are our recommendations to get the full Weekender experience:

Discover a hidden gem at the Vinyl Fair

Find your next best record at our one-of-a-kind Vinyl Fair, featuring unique treasures from about a dozen Southern California vendors. Zernell curates the traveling pop up that will give you an exclusive sneak peak of the top local collections of the underground.

Dig through on Saturday from 10AM – 4PM in the Oak Ballroom Entrance Hall.

Learn to Produce Tracks with Ableton Live

What if your next creation is envisioned in your ears and you just need the skills to release it? This Ableton Live course is a special opportunity to learn the techniques to start producing your own tracks. Push the creative envelope with instruction on special effects and processing.

Take advantage of this exciting music making workshop on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11AM – 1PM in the Manzanita Boardroom.

Stretch it out with Yoga

It’s your chance to finally feel the amazing benefits of yoga, or to continue your regular practice on the mat. Stretch out the kinks from each night of dancing during our musical Morning Yoga sessions and breathe.

Your body must be in tip top shape all weekend to fuel the music marathon, so fire up your day on Saturday and Sunday from 11AM – 12PM in the Park.

Witness an Expert Panel on San Diego Music, Turntablism, or Art & House Music

Three industry panels invoke the hot questions from different voices in the music community.Talking TurntablismPresented by BPM Supreme details the history and background of turntable DJing and its place in music today – plus tips on the art form. [Saturday 12:30 – 2PM in the Oak Ballroom]

Art & House Music: As We Know It! gives an inside look from artists on different sides of the spectrum about what it means to be an artist and opens up the conversation on “making it”. [Saturday 11AM – 12:30PM in the Oak Ballroom]

Talking TurntablismPresented by BPM Supreme details the history and background of turntable DJing and its place in music today – plus tips on the art form. [Saturday 12:30 – 2PM in the Oak Ballroom]

San Diego: The Rise of Music City offers input from contributors in the scene that host local talent, from organizations like SD PRIDE or renowned venues like the Belly Up. [Sunday 12PM – 2PM in the Oak Ballroom]

Flow with Hoop Dance (Beginner)

Hoops are a popular prop in the world of flow arts, from regular hula hoops to LED to fire. Anyone can learn to express themselves within the circle at the new hoop dance workshop that blends old school movement and new school tricks, ending with a playful choreography.

No flow is the same, so find yours Saturday 12PM – 1PM in the Park. Hoops will be provided – no experience required!

Jam out on a unique Instrument at the Roland Interactive Suite

Play around with electronic musical instruments each day in the Roland Interactive Suite, the leading industry innovator! The Roland 909 drum machine is a staple in house music, but you can also experiment with keyboards, controllers and more. It’s the perfect time to dabble with new tools and get inspired at the festival. Explore the suite Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12PM – 5PM in Sycamore 2.

Check out the full list on our Conference page.

Make sure to schedule some time in the day in between pool partying and playin’ slots to take advantage of these opportunities and meet like-minded folks in a supportive space. Networking, collaborating and learning are the seeds that will grow our community. Let’s make history on the West Coast!

Sincerely written by,

Molly Reports