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Last year's panels & workshops

The NXWAV Ableton Courses

Sat, May 5 @ 10:00am - 12:00pm

Lafayette Hotel (Mississippi Room)

The NXWAV with Chris Annibell

As technology continues to advance, the way we create, record, perform, listen, learn and experience music is ever changing, and more accessible than ever before. Our students are empowered to approach music in a fresh new way, and are encouraged to challenge themselves through practice and development, to be ‘the next wave’ (nxwav) of electronic music professionals.

21st Century Perspectives : Music, Tech & Culture

Fri, May 4 @ 12:00pm - 3:00pm

Lafayette Hotel (Mississippi Room)

Jim Tremayne, Demuir, DJ Mes, LSB, Urulu, Oscar P, Alien Tom, Raj Thomas, Orlando Puerta, Wes Smith

We examine how technology impacts - and will continue to impact - the way we live, work, and play. From Blockchain technology, the future of music rights, living on phones and more. Hear from record labels, publishers, artists, and other esteemed music professionals about whats coming.

Cannabis 101

Sat, May 5 @ 12:00pm - 3:00pm

Lafayette Hotel (Mississippi Room)

Adelia Carrillo, Morgan Humphrey, Lauren Segal, Jody Guada, Lauren Mendelsohn, Roni Stetter, LSB

As marijuana legalization continues to grow, like-minded green folks explore topics on sustainability initiatives. Hear from long time advocates, dispensary owners, and a few outspoken artists. Topics include Drug policy, Real Estate, Technology, Business, CBD Education and Holistic/Medicinal Lifestyles.

Nightlife Kings: The Not So Secret World Of The Club Promoter

Sun, May 6 @ 12:00pm - 3:00pm

Lafayette Hotel (Mississippi Room)

Jim Tremayne, King Britt, Fred Everything, Hector Romero, Nickodemus, Justin Navalle, Jimbo James, Tyler Rosier, Michael Vegh, DJ Ala

The event promoter’s job is to generate buzz for everything from the talent, concerts to nightclubs, and get people in the door. As the DJ entertainment industry continues to grow year over year, this promoter panel will tackle talks on festivals, politics, clubs, public relations, bookings, advertising and more.

Dance Workshop

Fri, May 4 @ 11:00am

Lafayette Hotel (Courtyard)


Coflo will be introducing and exploring some basic steps and fundamentals of “House Dance.” Learn this expressive social dance with Coflo through basic movements made for any level of person looking to get it in! The Instructor prides himself on sharing/teaching dance for both the new and seasoned dancer.

Yoga Workshop

Sat, May 5 @ 11:00am

Lafayette Hotel (Courtyard)

Laurel Ann Smith

Let your breath be your guide as you restore your spirit and prepare for the remainder of this amazing weekend! Allow yourself to be mindful and create your own presence without taking things too seriously. This is a great class for yoga of all levels; modifications will be offered for beginners, as well as challenges for those who may want to take it to another level.

Qi Gong Workshop

Sat, May 5 @ 10:00am

Lafayette Hotel (Courtyard)

Michael Gauthier

Brain Respiration Qi Gong (pronounced chee-gung) is translated from Mandarin to mean “cultivation of energy”. To respire means to “recover hope, courage, or strength after a time of difficulty and or breathe”. The Brain Respiration Qi Gong class uses an ancient Chinese system of postures, breathing techniques and meditations to quickly relax the body and promote inner peace.

Dance Workshop

Sun, May 6 @ 11:00am

Lafayette Hotel (Courtyard)

Vihn Sol

Vihn Sol will be introducing and exploring some basic steps and fundamentals of "House Dance" from the perspective of a New York foundation. Class will guide students through basic movement vocabulary, how to apply it to the music, different variations to create and play with the steps, and finally using it to dance in a social setting (in the club/party) with others.

Yoga Workshop

Sun, May 6 @ 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Lafayette Hotel (Courtyard)

Ivory Melone

Please join us for an hour long vinyasa based class to start the day. Breath to body movements will awaken the body and energize the mind. This class will allow you to tune inward and to flow freely! BYOM (bring your own mat) and join us to get the collective energy flowing!

Camilo Rojas – Consciencialismo

Fri, May 4 @ 12:00pm - Sun, May 6 @ 12:00pm

Lafayette Hotel (Louisiana Room)

Camilo Rojas

Camilo Rojas came to California 2 years ago via Colombia. He develops tribute pieces to his favorite comic and anime artists in acrylic on canvas, wood, and glass. He also develops commission based work with his own comic book style technique which has been evolving for the past 6 years.