Current update: We had to move to TWITCH… Facebook kept kicking us off… The kickback was crackin so here’s the link to the homies at TWITCH to keep it goin…

Heard the word “hunker down” enough times to have a minor freak out? Ya… us too. We’ve got some grooves to shake out the tension and we’ve got some smiles to share.

Let’s be stir crazy together.

We will be gifting out gift cards and such on the top of every hour for those in need to purchase essential items while on lockdown. If anyone wants to chip in for us to redistribute shoot us a message!

Nothin cray, just some tunes on the Weekender Facebook page on Saturday March 28 starting at 2pm PST.

What can you bring to the sesh?

  • Dress up if you’re feelin up for it! Lookin’ good, feelin’ good…
  • Your favorite beverage or six to cheers the crew
  • Be ready to play some interactive games. . . Truth or Dare? Hangman? Charades? We shall see.
  • If you’re in Cali, you know we will be personally puffin… virtual pass the dutchie seshes

What else to expect?

  • feel good Saturday tunes
  • tomfoolery
  • online chats, games, and shout outs

Let’s kick it…