“If you love house, you love Derrick Carter. If you don’t love Derrick Carter, you don’t love house.”

– Boiler Room

Fiesta Blanca, the Summer FUNKTIONS final voyage on Sunday is a white themed floating dance party that will take guests on a beautiful tour of San Diego’s expansive 11 mile bay.

Who is Derrick Carter?

Compton, California born and Chicago reared Derrick Carter is one of the pinnacles of Chicago house music’s ’90s wave, Derrick Carter began DJ’ing at the age of nine, spinning disco records at family reunions. Born and raised in the western suburbs, Carter was into music from a young age, but during his teens Chicago’s house scene sucked him in for good. Before long Carter became a strong presence in the city’s underground dance scene. “When I got my driver’s license at 16 my sneak ability was validated,” he laughs. “I was a fierce bedroom jock for a long time. Though he doesn’t spin much locally anymore, when he does he attracts large crowds. Most of the time he works in Europe, where he’s become a minor celebrity among dance-music aficionados.

Derrick’s sets are rooted in house, but he freely travels outside club tastes, seamlessly incorporating old-school disco, soul, jazz and whatever catches his fancy.(Residentadvisor.com)

While the Weekender crew will miss Justin Campbell’s slated ocean cruise set, the show must go on and we can not wait to welcome the house maestro, Mr. Derrick Carter.

Tickets are 80% sold out and there is a flash sale on August 16th that gives you 25% off any single day ticket (while supplies last)!!!